Over the past three years, Constellation facilitators, Helena Gorka and Sheri Sutton,  have studied modalities which have evolved out of Family Constellations and other disciplines.

Sheri trained for over two years with mystic Thomas Hubl and Helena focused on the Identity Development that came 

through Franz Ruppert's work on healing personal trauma.

Recently both of them have been drawn back to Family (Systemic) Constellations, yet in a new way where they bring together transgeneratonal trauma, personal healing and through Thomas Hubl's work, the Collective Trauma into which we are all born. 

They have delved deep into the effects and causes of trauma and are now excited to present an afternoon workshop weaving together what they have been studying and practicing with their over 40 years of combined experience of Family Constellations


When there is sufficient coherence in the 'Field', the healing reverberates through the group, into their families, groups of belonging and beyond.


We will bring into conscious recognition the human cultural inheritance of the accumulation of all the undigested, unprocessed grief, the legacy of wars, famines, migrations, genocides, racism, misogyny .....  and from there move into a place where we practice Presencing with all of it, in compassion and love.

There will be an opportunity for one person to set up a Personal session and we will do a group exercise where all will participate.

If you feel drawn to join us, please begin to think about where your focus is these days. Perhaps you are focused more on the personal, or a particular social issue, an environmental cause and perhaps you feel overwhelmed wondering how to start - what can you do?


Begin to meditate on this - when you register we will send you some ideas to focus on to bring to the group.


We will explore the personal, transgenerational and collective issues and see how they are all interconnected. 

We wish for this to be an exploration into creating an evolving Conscious Constellation Community. 

As this community evolves we will bring in art - poetry and visual art as well as meditation and methods to bring about the awareness of being in the PRESENT.

At the recent Collective Trauma summit headed by Sheri's teacher Thomas Hubl the speaker Charles Eisenstein said this,

"all healing is part of All Healing" and  

"If you do nothing else than heal yourself of your own inherited trauma then 

you've already done the world a great service."


We invite you to join with like minded others who wish to make 

a difference within and without.

Saturday, October 10th, 1- 5; $35 (on Zoom)

 Contact Helena for more information.



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