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Preparation for an Identity Development Session

Please sign the Online Agreement – Waiver/Registration form (on Home Page)

Please make sure you are in a closed environment where you will not be disturbed and that no one else has access to the room or your computer during the sessions.


I agree that I will not have anyone else in the room with me, nor will I share my computer with anyone else during any ID sessions that I attend.


Recommended – Have pad of paper and pen, glass of water


Sentence of Intention- This is the method we use to get in touch with your self and what you truly want. Newcomers will observe the first time so they get an idea of how the process works.


Please enter the workshop online room a few minutes early so any technology issues can be resolved as we start. Usually the first half hour or so will be spent explaining and discussing the premise and methods of the work as well as how to understand the ID process, the theory and how to be a subject and a resonator.




ID sessions often have a deep impact, whether you attend as a subject (client), Resonator or observer. Often we discover areas of knowing that previously were not available to our conscious mind. We may begin to move and open to new life direction.

Who we are – its wholeness – is more than the cognitive mind – and has its own ways to process and digest the work. There’s no rush.

Often it’s best not to think to much but to let a deeper inner awareness develop with the work.


AND – we are here for support should you need to call. You are also encouraged to use whatever support systems and resources you have in place. It is useful for those supporting you to have some knowledge of the work so there is an understanding of the process you are moving through.


We look forward to working with you.

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