Yoga Classes
All classes temporarily online through Zoom
Gentle /Level  1
Monday 9.15 - 10. 30 am
Thursday 8 -9.15 am
Thursdays 2:30 - 4:00 pm
Saturday 9.15 - 10.30 pm

Single Class | $10/ $15 sliding scale
Unlimited monthly classes - $75

I also offer 20 - 30 Meditation Moments at different times throughout the week (see home page)

Please talk with me first before starting a yoga program so we know if it's a fit for you and also to let me know what special needs you may have.
Also please never let money be an issue - if you'd like to join class but can't right now please contact me and we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Private Yoga Sessions
Helena can custom tailor a private yoga session for you online,
or for your small group. Please contact her today to schedule your session!
1/2 hour or 1 hour session | Call for pricing

Types of Yoga

Below you will find descriptions of the types of yoga classes in which Helena specializes: Restorative, Yin, Therapeutic/Gentle, and Hatha.

Restorative Yoga

Said to be more relaxing than sleep, Restorative Yoga is a special modality that focuses on the use of props (such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks) to hold sustained poses for an extended time. You may never even get up on your feet! A very slow paced class with minimal movement, a special treat for the body, and accessible to any person regardless of physica

limitations or yoga experience .

Yin Yoga

While most modern yoga classes focus on movement to alternately engage and relax the muscles of the body, Yin Yoga specifically aims to calm and relax the deepest connective tissues of the body, rather than the muscles. Expect a slow paced class, appropriate for all levels.

Therapeutic/Gentle Yoga

Geared toward those who may be new to yoga, have suffered injuries, or have a health issue that may be addressed with basic yoga poses. No previous experience necessary. All participants will be guided according to their individual abilities. This class is suitable for developing a yoga practice in a slower, supported way and may include breathwork and meditation.

Hatha Yoga

Through a classical Hatha Yoga practice, students learn to listen to the body's individual needs and support their practice with modifications, focusing on the rhythm of the breath in the asanas (poses). Although this style of yoga involves the most active movement among Helena's yoga specialties, it is quite suitable for all levels.



Helena has taught Yoga for over 50 years, training initially in London, England, with various Indian master teachers and completing her teacher certification with Sivananda Yoga in Val Morin, Canada, at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram. Since moving to the US in 1979, she has continued her yoga education with many courses on Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Therapeutic Yoga practices, which helps the individual needs of those who are healing from an injury or a health condition.


Helena focuses on the benefits of  a slower practice, using conscious breath and gearing classes or sessions to individual needs and ability. Stress and tension are released in mind and body, bringing flexibility, strength and relaxation to the whole being.

Private Sessions are also available - please contact me for details.

"Helena under your instruction, I have been able to find my body and settle into it without stress or a constant need to challenge myself!  Your calming voice and specific guiding instruction, through numerous yoga poses, have allowed me to recognize the value and power of breathing and being with myself.   I am able to ease into and accept the various yoga positions with increased tranquil flexibility.

I have more energy and my focus outside of yoga sessions has intensified. I would also like to mention that a few months ago, I was unsure how Yoga via Zoom was going to work.  You are a master at it!  Your patience and once again, precise guidance, make it totally enjoyable.

I look forward to my yoga with Helena

Long time Yoga Student