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“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring, will be to arrive at the place we started, and know the place for the first time.”

~ T.S. Eliot

Family Constellation Work

Some of our greatest difficulties (addictions, depression, anger, financial difficulties, illness) are taken on unconsciously as part of our hidden love and loyalty towards someone in our family. This can even go back several generations.

Through the constellation process, hidden dynamics are revealed and used as tools to bring balance back into the family system. By honoring each member’s fate without judgment, the orders of love are restored, allowing love and strength to flow, nourish, and heal your soul.

The Process

The work is done in a group setting where an individual chooses to work on a specific issue in his or her life. The client chooses people from the group to represent certain family members who are then set up intuitively in what is

called a “constellation”.

The representatives simply remain present to their experiences. As they are placed, a “knowing field” is formed and the representatives begin to receive actual feelings of the person they are representing. It is not role-playing and there is no acting out. The representatives report their feelings to the facilitator when asked or movements are made by the representatives from a deep soul experience.

From the information obtained through this process, family members who may have been lost or excluded in some way in the past are brought into the space. Through simple yet powerful sentences and soul movements directed by the facilitator, we move towards resolution. We become more able to enter strongly

into own lives and hold our rightful place in our current family. Balance is brought

to ourselves, our work and our community. We are freed of burdens not our own, and are able to step into our future with strength and support from our ancestors. 

The facilitator, Helena Gorka has studied this work for over 20 years with Bert Hellinger and other teachers. She completed an official two year training with a Master teacher from Germany - Heinz Stark. She conducts regular workshops and Introductory sessions of the work in Newport Beach, California as well as other areas in Southern California.

She is  available for private sessions which can be done in person or on phone or through Skype or Zoom.

 Constellation Evolution

Much of Constellation work is about healing inherited trauma and gaining the support of the ancestors from whence came our life.  

Once we have worked these family connection issues there is often much growth and energy for life with the strength of our ancestors behind us, and we can move into a fullness of living.  

Yet often something is still missing. 

Development of Constellation Work has moved into a method where we can move into an integration of all the parts of our selves - where we were wounded and experienced trauma. This new work evolves from Family Constellations and is

often called -

Identity Constellations (Identity Development Sessions)

This new wave of the constellation work was developed by German Therapist,

Dr Franz Ruppert (in Europe called IoPT,) and is now strongly established in the US.  

Helena has intensively participated in and studied this new work. She recently graduated in the training program of the Identity Development Institute with Stephen Gyllenhaal in Los Angeles and has found it personally life transforming.

For two years she co -facilitated workshops with colleague, Sheri Sutton once a month in Altadena and in Orange County.

WIth this work the focus is on Personal Trauma often going back to Early Trauma - even in the womb. Contact Helena for more information.

We focus on building a Healthy Identity, healing where there were splits in the psyche after trauma using the Sentence of Intention process where instead of setting up family representatives as in Family Constellation work, the client sets up 

parts of her sentence with participants who resonate as different parts of the psyche. In this way we come to know previously hidden parts of ourselves, accept

all of those parts and move gradually towards integration and wholeness.

All events are currently online

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