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From Inside to Out

For over forty years I have been on a learning and teaching journey incorporating the gifts of Yoga, Bach Flower Essences, the experience of Family Constellation Work and most recently the Art of the Healing touch of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

All of these use the gentle strength of their knowing - no fighting against anything - either outside or within ourselves. *See Dr Bach's quote on the Bach Flower page of

my website.

Many have benefited and grown (including myself) from these healing modalities.

Now I find that it is time to step up to a new level of growth.

In these times of great change and climax there is so much 'dissing' - putting one another down, criticising the ways of others, so much talk of what is wrong with the world.

So it has come to me is that it is time to step up to a higher - and deeper - level of awareness and begin to create what we truly want in the world. 

One of the major influences and delights on my journey has been reading so-called 'Fantasy' novels - I learn so much from their 'archetypal' perspectives.

The hero or heroine's journey - beset by darkness from both inside and outside themselves - finding the journey's end - defeating the 'darkness' by overcoming misperceptions and drawing on strengths within that they didn't know they had.

One of these is the skill of 'making' - creating our dreams - how we want life to be -

This quote from book I just read - "The Radiant Road" by Katherine Catmull -

Why do we dream - "You come to converse with your true selves....You converse with yourself. You choose who you are...."

So I am inviting you to join me on a journey of 'making', choosing who we are and what we want in the world - not in an airy fairy 'positive' way but with clear thinking,

Imaginations and grounded actions.

I will be hosting a new group which you can participate in - either in person at monthly or bi weekly gatherings or online with Skype or tele-gatherings.

As the heros and heroines in the stories we will look inward to clear the places in our history and in ourselves where we need to heal and strengthen.

We will create a community where we can support one another when we reach those 'stuck' places and nurture one another and ourselves, developing understanding and 


We will incorporate all the tools I have experienced over the years and you as participants will collaborate and help to grow this inner journey.

I will hold a first FREE meeting to share the beginnings on Saturday October 29th in Newport Beach from 1- 4pm  There will be another telephone meeting for those of you not in the area on the evening of Thursday 27th October at 6pm Pacific Time.

Please email or call me if you are interested and register for the first meeting.

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