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Bach Flower Essences to carry us harmoniously through these times

Some nights I find myself waking with feelings of agitation or speediness of body and mind.

I feel that I am picking up some of the fear, frustration and anger of many others as well as my own anxieties.

How many of you, I wonder are experiencing some kind of agitation stemming from world events or in your personal lives?

There is a Storm outside and inside; the choppy and rough internal mind waves can leave us feeling nervous, agitated, fearful, exhausted and overwhelmed.

So when I wake thus in the mornings then begin to move around, I remember -

I have tools, resources that I use to bring myself back to a calmer vibration.

One of my first places to start is with Flower Essences.

If the agitation is feeling out of control I would begin with Rescue Remedy, the five flower blend formulated by

Dr Edward Bach, discoverer of the flower essence method.

I personally use the essences from Bach Flower Essences as the Mother Tincture is still made in the Oxfordshire countryside where Dr Bach lived and worked and near where I was born in England so my body and soul are attuned to this vibration of my home land.

Taking essences almost immediately brings a sense of calming, giving me a chance to center, ground and continue with a meditative practice which starts with the BREATH.

Taking deep slow breaths calms the nervous system bringing one out of Fight, Flight or Freeze and into a sense of Harmony with one’s whole being.

“You breathe and a whole new universe opens,

not nearly so narrow.” - RUMI

Contact me to set up an appointment to consult with me for your own personal blend of Flower Essences

(949) 294-1759

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